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Service Second to None

United Cargo Logistics was established in 1991 with name of UCL United Cargo Link. We attend to transports all around the world, import and export mainly by sea. We attend  also to Air, Road & Rail Shipments.


Our company is highly recognized for its specific knowledge and handling in products that are destined to the packing industry mainly for  bottling of mineral waters and drinks (that is to say pet and similar products) ,pta, fibers. In order to give better service to our customers of pet, pta we bought tilting-chassis with pump and rotary valve that allow to deliver the bulk polymers directly into the silos of our customers, through automatic charge/discharge device.


Our customers can rely on all the operations from place of origin of the goods to final destination. According to the delivery terms we organize and supervise the sea transport, operations at the terminal, delivery to final destination. We arrange for goods storage if required and transfer of the same. We have in fact warehouses bonded and nationalized. As far as importations are concerned, United Cargo Logistics division of Italmondo take care of customs clearance of the goods. We are well known and validated by all the customs  authorities in the main Italian ports. Our main office is in Origgio (Milan) and we co-ordinate the operational, commercial and administrative activity from there in strict connection with our offices/reliable operators placed in all Italian ports.


Thanks to our joint action we warrant the fast execution of any required service integrating the transport and the requirements of the shipments.

Our business philosophy focuses on the principles of honesty, integrity and complete dedication to our clients and agents. We are prepared to offer customers and our overseas partners competitive pricing, timely transportation, accurate information and we are well aware of the importance of our services quality.


We like to tell to our customers: You are kindly requested to choose us and to tell us your needs/preferences, our goal is to satisfy YOU in the best way.

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